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Code of Conduct

This year is the 30th Anniversary of Science Olympiad and we would like to highlight as many individuals as possible. At the opening ceremonies, the Code of Conduct is read by Participants, Parents, Coaches, and Event Staff with 1-2 representatives on stage.

We want many more involved this year!  So use the scripts below, video yourself or your team CLEARLY reading the script that fits you.  If you are a coach – read the pledge that is for you.  Same with the participants.  We are going to edit together the best into a single reading that highlights as many participants as possible. 

Keep in mind:

  • Have a tight close up shot of you, not a far away distant shot. 
  • Start the video, wait a couple seconds, then recite the pledge. THEN - after reciting, wait a couple of seconds, then stop the recording.
  • Recite the pledge clearly and at a normal reading pace, but not too fast.  Don’t race through it.  Leave a slight pause between sentences.
  • HOLD THE PHONE OR CAMERA LANDSCAPE – wider left and right than top to bottom. (Think about how this will appear on a screen that is 16:9 format.) 
  • Look into the camera, don’t read it from a script. (So you have to memorize this!)
  • Have an interesting background!
  • Don’t shoot this in a classroom under florescent lights – you will look green.
  • Make sure the lighting on your face is good.
  • After you record it, check the sound to make sure the sound is good and there are no weird background noises.  This will be played in an arena before nearly 10,000 people!
  • Its great to show team spirit, just keep it appropriate!
  • Upload the video to and send to Mike McKee at by March 30. (If video file is less than 10MB, it can be sent via email to Mike)

We look forward to getting some great submissions!  Send them as soon as possible!

Student Pledge

I pledge to put forth my best effort in the Science Olympiad tournament and to uphold the principles of honest competition.

I will compete with integrity and respect, and I will display courtesy towards my competitors, event supervisors and tournament personnel.

My actions will exemplify the proud spirit of my school, team and state.

Coach Pledge

As a Science Olympiad coach, I pledge to encourage honesty and respect for tournament personnel, my fellow coaches and other team members.

My efforts will bring honor to our community and school.

Parent Pledge

As a Science Olympiad parent, I pledge to be an example for our children by:

• Heeding the rules of the Science Olympiad
• Encouraging excellence in preparation and investigation
• Supporting independence in design and production
• Respecting the decisions of event supervisors and judges

My example will promote the spirit of cooperation within and among all participating teams.

Supervisor/Staff Pledge

As a supervisor and member of the tournament’s personnel, I pledge to run the Science Olympiad with fairness and respect for all participants and guests.

My actions will reflect the principles of the program and display the pride I feel as a representative of my college, university, company, state or organization.