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THANK YOU! Congratulations to the Teams!

The University of Central Florida is proud to host the 30th Anniversary of the Science Olympiad National Tournament. Teams from around the nation will represent their states at the highest level of academic achievement in science, technology, engineering, and math. UCF hosted the 2012 National Tournament, bringing 120 teams from each state in the nation plus, for the first time, a Global Ambassdor Team from Japan.


Science Olympiad 2012 Highlights


In 2012 UCF hosted the Science Olympiad National Tournament that brought 7500 competitors and supporters to compete in the nations largest and oldest science competition of its kind.

Our State


  • Florida is the only location in the world to display flight hardware from the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle eras.
  • Fourth largest state with over 18,000,000 residents
  • Longest coastline in continental U.S. encompassing 1350 miles
  • The highest point in Florida – 345 feet – at Britton Hill in the panhandle
  • Orlando’s average temperatures in May? High of 88° F and low of 66° F
  • St. Augustine is the oldest incorporated city in the United States
  • Florida produces about 75% of the U.S. oranges
  • Florida accounts for about 40% of the world’s orange juice supply
  • Florida is home to the only space launch site in the world open to the public.


Our University


The University of Central Florida was founded in 1963 as Florida Technological University with the goal to provide an educated workforce for the rapidly growing Kennedy Space Center. It is now the 2nd largest university in the United States with about 60,000 students, 226 degree options and has nearly $150 million is research grants each year. Learn more about UCF - we just celebrated 50 years!

UCF Stands for Opportunity because:

  • We have the only Photonic Science and Engineering B.S. in Florida and one of a handful in the nation.
  • The College of Engineering and Computer Science ranks 13th in the nation in enrollment.
  • UCF’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) is named the No. 4 graduate school in North America for video game development
  • UCF's Business Incubation Program was selected as the 2013 Incubator Network of the Year. The Business Incubation Program has helped more 300 emerging companies, creating over 3,100 new jobs.
  • And much more!

Our Logo

Remember our logo from 2012? We commissioned the same artist for 2014. Rendered using a shape similar to the patches used in 30 years of shuttle flights, we represent the essence of Florida with the colors of a blue sky and the rich green vegetation found across the state. The large 30 is colored using a pearl green. Pearl is the symbol used in a 30th Anniversary. The satellite represents the space program where many flights have carried humans and payload into outer space. The history of Science Olympiad is represented by referencing some past events: Balloon Race, Simple Machines, Meteorology, Chemistry Lab, Microbe Mission, Designer Genes, and Boomilever. Not to be missed is the fact that Orlando is home to the largest number of theme parks in the world as a roller coaster descends into an amazing DNA twist. Finally, look closely at the waves in the Gulf of Mexico. Found there are the host sites of the 30 years of Science Olympiad.