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Team Preparation Information

Teams are required to complete and present various documents at the on-site registration for the National Tournament. This page contains important information to help you prepare for the tournament. Don't forget to scroll beyond the checklist below to find more information.


Getting Your Team Ready

  1. Did you register to confirm attendance at the National Tournament?
    • If you have been invited and can't make it, let us know so the next team can be notified. Teams must fill this form out immediately to be included in the program and on promotional materials. (Must be completed by 9:00 am Eastern on Monday May 5, 2014)
  2. Have you made reservations for a dorm or hotel?
    • Use our dorm and hotel reservations pages to find rooms.
  3. Have you made arrangements for travel to Orlando as well as ground transportation from airport and hotel? If staying in the dorm, have all adults completed a Level 2 Background check? Background check documentation must be collected at registration. Teachers can provide a copy of their state certification document while adults must complete a background check that matches the Florida Level 2 check.

  4. Have you made arrangements for meals
    • We have several meal plan options available, ranging from individual meal purchases to full day plans. This is particularly helpful for teams staying on campus in the dorms.
  5. Do you have the following documents downloaded and completed? The forms are required to be turned in at the registration in the UCF Student Union.The Team Roster form will be completed online, printed out and signed by your principal. In addition, we ask that you fill out the team roster form for the awarding of any scholarships that a student might receive.
  6. Do you have a signed copy of the Medical Release Form and Press Release/Website Form for each student attending?
    • The Medical Release form is required. The Press Release is not required, but if a student does not sign, the student MUST be accompanied by an adult to ensure they are moved out of the way of any video or photography that is taken by press or our photographers.
  7. Did you have the students sign the Code of Ethics form?
  8. Did you complete the online Team Roster? We use this for awarding scholarships.
    • This is important for the awarding of scholarship. This is the same as the form that must be submitted to the National Office. Must be completed by May 9, 2014.
  9. Did you completely read the "Team Procedures, Policies, and Notes" page that includes policies and tournament details on the Opening and Awards Ceremony and Requirements for the Parade of States?
    • There is lots of important information here. This includes information about the Parade of States (what you can and can not do), the dress code for various events, and various team expectations at the different ceremonies and activities hosted at the national tournament.
  10. Did you fill out the Emergency Contact Sheet?
    • This is important to include all adults on this list.
  11. Did you sign up for Twitter?
    • While optional, we will communicate changes about events and other last minute issues using Twitter. Use #SONT2014.
  12. Did you review the schedule of events and other tournament details?
    • Make sure your students know the locations of event, the schedule, and other activities that are occuring on campus. We will have 16 copies of the maps and schedules in your registration packet.
    • Did you schedule the team for events that are self-scheduled?
    • Are you aware of the wristband procedures?
  13. Did you arrange for shipping of materials to your hotel or to UCF?
    • Shipping of materials can be made to the UCF Student Union or the hotel room. There are charges associated with shipping and storing materials in the UCF Student Union.
  14. Do you know where you will be sitting in the UCF Arena?
    • Your location in the UCF Arena will be determined by your team number. Use the UCF Arena Virtual Seating Map to find your location in the Arena.
  15. Do you know your homeroom assignment location?
    • Each team will share the home room with someone from your own state. Sharing will occur only between B/C pairs.
  16. Do you have a parking pass for everyone attending the tournament and parking on campus?
    • The parking pass must be displayed on the dashboard and is only for parking in designated areas. Do not park in 24 hours reserved parking. Cars parked in these slots will be ticketed and/or towed.
  17. Did you check the event clarifications?
    • This page will be updated frequently as event supervisor provide us information. This page also supplements the event clarifications page on the national website.

In addition, the following is useful information for your team:

    • Shipping Materials:  Materials can either be shipped to your hotel or to the following address. If you need to ship to the College of Optics and Photonics, there is a fee of $15 per box (no limit on time period)

      University of Central Florida
      CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
      4304 Scorpius Street
      Orlando, FL  32816
      Phone:  407-823-6376

      REFERENCE:  Science Olympiad