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Tournament Details

This page contains all the information you need about the tournament.  This page contains:


Quick Links

Competition Details

Homerooms: Homeroom Locations Homerooms are assigned for the benefit and ease of team preparations.  They will be available starting at 5:00 am Saturday morning and are not available on Friday night.  Some rooms are spacious while others are rather small but will still accomodate 35 people.  With limited classroom space, most teams are assigned to occupy the room with another team, but it is always a B/C pairing with B and C from the same state.  We can not accomodate room changes. The information on the Homeroom page is for planning purposes only.  Please note – if rooms are not left in the condition that they were entered, cleaning charges may be applied to all teams that are assigned to the room. Please dispose of all garbage and return chairs to their original locations. Do not touch any computer equipment or projection systems in the room. Teams are NOT permitted to setup camp sites that are in proximity to event locations and outside of these assigned homerooms. If it is found that teams are interferring with an event, the team will be asked to move and any cleaning charges to those areas will be applied to the team that was camped in these areas. Teams are also not permitted to setup camp sites in any building that is outside of the assigned homeroom location. Teams may only setup a site outside. Teams are required to leave all areas clean.

Schedule: 2014 Schedule The event times are final, but the event locations are subject to change. For Self-Scheduled events, use the Self Scheduling System. More information is found under the Self-Scheduling System below.

Schedule Conflicts: Teams are not allowed to make schedule swaps with other teams and supervisors are not permitted to grant any time changes in the posted team schedule. The national tournament schedule is set with no exceptions allowed for individual team conflicts. Almost all the the teams coming to the national tournament have conflicts to work around since the state schedule is rarely identical to the national schedule. Supervisors are encouraged to allow late students to enter if it does not disrupt the event, but no extra time will be granted. So, wherever possible, avoid scheduling a student in back-to-back events.

Event Sign Up System (ESUS): This Self-Scheduling System allows you to select times for "self-scheduled" events. You will receive your password and userid from Mike McKee prior to May 1, 2014 with more information on how to sign up for the self scheduled events. If you did not receive it, contact Mike here. This site will go live on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 3:00 pm eastern time.  Site will remain open until Monday May 12, 2014 at noon eastern.  After this time, to reserve a slot for an event, you will need to speak directly with an event supervisor on May 17, 2014 prior to 8:00 am.

Pictures of Room: Room pictures are provided for information and planning only. Changes to room location or room setup are not possible.

Trial Events: Descriptions and rules located at Trial events are open to all team members and alternates.  The trial events do not count toward the team total for team place.

Wristband Procedures: Wristband Procedures

Wireless Computer Access – We are giving priority access to the event supervisors and volunteers on Saturday May 19. Please do NOT use wireless access between 5:00 am to 9:00 am, and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  On mobile devices use your 3G or 4G connections.  If we do not have adequate access to the wireless network during these times, this may delay the awards ceremony.

Event Clarification Notes

Check the Virtual Coaches Meeting for announcements from Event Supervisors

Air Conditioning: For all flying events, air conditioning will NOT be turned off or altered in any way. Heat and humidity conditions in Florida prohibit this and we are not permitted to alter building enviromental conditions to accomodate an event.


  • CFE Arena Lobby is 38 ft tall, 67 ft wide, 112 ft long. Air conditioning systems will not be turned off or altered in their operation.

Elastic Launched Glider:

  • CFE Arena Lobby is 38 ft tall, 67 ft wide, 112 ft long. Air conditioning systems will not be turned off or altered in their operation.

Bungee Drop:


Awards Ceremony

Awards and Scholarships:

Dress Code: Teams are expected to dress in business attire.  The awards ceremony has a very different and formal expectation as opposed to the opening ceremonies. Costumes or other accessories that distract from the formality of the event may result in the remove of a team or team member from the awards ceremony.

Scoring Disputes: If there is a scoring dispute after the awards ceremony has completed, send an email immediately to with specific information about the dispute with COACH NAME, TEAM NAME, TEAM NUMBER and DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE. Emails will not be accepted from team members or parents. Only an official coach can submit a request.




Pre-Tournament Planning

Registration and Checklists: Make sure you have registered with us for the National Tournament. Registration must be completed online even if you have sent in paperwork to the National Office.

Forms: Make sure you have printed out all forms required for registration and have followed the Team Checklist

Shipping Materials: Materials can either be shipped to your hotel or to the following address.  If you need to ship to UCF, there is a fee of $15 per box (no limit on time period). Teams must make arrangements for pickup and return shipping of materials (including a prepaid shipping label.)

Materials can be shipped for arrival on or after May 9, 2014. Note that there are no weekend deliveries made.

University of Central Florida
CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
4304 Scorpius Street
Orlando, FL  32816
Phone:  407-823-6376

REFERENCE:  Science Olympiad

Opening Ceremony

What is going on? Learn more about or Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies!

Seating: Seating Locations in the Arena We will allow ONLY 1 coach and 15 team members to sit together on the main floor. The parade of states participants should be part of that group. You will leave room for them at the end of your team’s row to join the team after the parade of states is over.  There are approximately 6000 available general seats, but we are expecting 8000-10,000 visitors. Please note that parents and other students traveling with the team (anyone other than the team members and the coach) may NOT sit in the designated team assigned seats. All others must sit in open seating and no other arrangments will be made for reserved seating. Members traveling with teams are not allowed to sit in designated VIP areas.

Requirements for Parade of States

Select a maxiumum of 4 students for the Parade of States

Teams can represent their state and school by carrying a state flag and/or a school flag/banner. Many teams “dress up” to represent their state: “cheeseheads” from Wisconsin, “cowboys” from Texas, etc.

Please remember appropriate behavior and decorum in this ceremony.  Don’t let the energy of the event lead to poor choices during the parade of states.

The following are explicitly prohibited:

  • Throwing items into audience
  • Use party poppers containing confetti
  • Any explosively charged deviced
  • Any item that could be propelled into the audience
  • Any activity deemed to be dangerous or unsafe

The banners and all materials MUST be shorter than 10 feet wide or tall.

As part of the spirit award, students will be ”judged”, which will be confered at the closing ceremony. We will judge your students on enthusiasm, effort and how they represent their state

PRACTICE AT 5:30 pm, in the hallways under the arena seating, on arena floor level.

Team members will report at 5:30 and line up at their location in the hallway.  Signs will be taped to the wall with team number and team name.  Bring all supplies and materials with you for parade.

Team will be given instructions for practice and the parade of states. This information will include the following facts:

  1. Team will stay in the designated order.
  2. When the parade of states begin, they will remove the  taped sign from the wall and carry it with them to the greeter at the Arch, found at stage left and right.
  3. They will present this sign for team designation.
  4. They will preceed, in alternating order (stage left and right) along the front of the stage and proceed down the center aisle toward the back of  the arena.
  5. B Teams will turn left at the end of the center aisle and proceed directly to the assigned team seating locations.
  6. C Teams will turn right at the end of the center aisle and proceed directly to the assigned team seating locations.

During practice walkthrough and after the teams have made the left and right turns, the parade of state team members should locate their seats so they are not confused about their assigned location.  After they have located their seating during practice, they then return to their designated lineup location and await further instructions prior to the start of the parade of states at 7:00 pm. It is likely that teams will be dismissed but MUST return to their designed locations by 6:40 pm.

For the remaining part of the ceremonies you will need to keep the materials with the team by putting it next to your teams row in the isle. After the ceremonies there will be a table for your team during the swap meet and the coach should go with the team and stand at the table with all your items under that table until the swap meet and ice cream social are over.

Swap Meet: The swap meet is a chance for the team to proudly show off their state and to learn something new about other states.  Be sure your team brings items to swap with other teams. These items could include caps, pins, stickers, or oranges!  Your chamber of commerce, local businesses, or state visitors’ centers are often willing to donate items. Everyone on the team should have at least 10 items to exchange and many students exchange more than 10 items! No selling of items is permitted. Tables are assigned to teams.

Be part of the Opening Ceremonies

We are looking for teams, supervisors, coaches and parents to prerecord the readings of the Code of Ethics. Send us the video and you might be part of the opening ceremonies!



Scores will be posted after the Awards Ceremony here. According to National Rules, At the end of the Science Olympiad National Tournament Awards Ceremony each team’s head coach will be provided one copy of the final scores. Places are tentative and may change if any scoring inconsistencies are brought to the attention of the arbitrators and verified within one hour after the ceremony is completed. If changes occur, the appropriate medals and trophies will be awarded. Teams will not be asked to return awards. In the rare case of a problem, call the National Tournament Director (head coach only). Scores for the National Science Olympiad are not official until they are posted on the website. For more information about Science Olympiad Scoring, please visit our Policies section.

If you feel there is an error in the scores, it must be reported to and sent within 1 hour of the Awards Ceremony.